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Apple Sin

Bottle Size: 750 ML
Region: Kentucky
Verietal: Natural Apple-Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey
Proof : 72


This 2021 International S.I.P Awards Gold Medal Winning Apple-Cinnamon Whiskey is a treat to both the nose and palate alike. Over ice, over ice cream or neat, you will agree it is the drink of country music royalty. 


  • 101 Year old Western Kentucky "Run Slow & Cold" Smooth Whiskey Base 
  • All Natural Apple & Cinnamon Bland
  • Bottled at 36 ABV (72 Proof) 

Nose: Unscrew the baffle cap and catch the big fresh juicy red apple fragrance second only to waking up under a weighty apple tree branch swaying in the spring breeze 

Palate: The smooth Kentucky whiskey carries the natural apple-cinnamon so gracefully that at first the apple comes on bold and full bodied with cinnamon making a grand entrance to finish the perfect circle of flavor that made it number one in the world. Sip, Hold, Swish, Enjoy!

Finish: Big, fresh apple with a seamless segue into a bold cinnamon and flawless finish followed by the slight tingle on the tongue of the top-shelf whiskey it is. 

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