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Good Times Banana Rum Finish

Bottle Size: 750 ML
Region: Indiana
Type: Finished Bourbon
Proof : 106


This is a 6 Year 21% MGP mashbill that was aged in a columbian oak barrel

And was finished in Banana Rum barrel


Nose: Banana Foster 


Tasting Notes: The complexity of this pour is truly astonishing, At first you get hit with a mixture of slight spice which you could expect from a 106 proof bourbon. Followed a sweet but balanced  Banana notes, Slight oak with a rich and creamy mouth feel that is fantastic. Overall this is a very spirt forward finish meaning the banana rum is not overpowering it has added hints of banana that complement this bourbon very well! 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by John S, 08/20/2021

This is amazing! Well balanced and not overly sweet the banana comes through and complements the bourbon very well!