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Grandgousier 375 ML

Bottle Size: 375 ML
Country: USA
Region: Tennessee
Proof : 94


At Fugitives our goal is simple: “Make the best whiskey and be true to Tennessee.”  Choosing the variety of corn and how it’s grown was understandably fundamental to our approach and the flavor of our spirit, it’s hard to imagine how American whiskey got to be any other way.  Structure and palate spectrum of the grain led us naturally to heirloom varieties, and we believe our hickory cane is the best corn for whiskey on earth.  One of the oldest varieties of corn in North America, Hickory Cane was prized by Native Americans and original pioneers for its abundant flavor and hardiness. Sure, it doesn’t give you near the yield per acre that modern hybrids produce, but it is unsurpassed in flavor spectrum, and that is worth the trouble when you are committed to making the best whiskey, right?

To make Grandgousier we start with our rare heirloom Hickory Cane corn and then add the finest Irish malted barley to create a wholly unique fermented mash.  We then do 3 small batches of mash distillation, and then combine those for a second final pot distillation, for a true double pot distilled whiskey that is cut to taste.  We then pass the heart of the spirit through our own handmade Tennessee sugar maple charcoal, a method known as the “Lincoln County Process” that defines Tennessee Whiskey.  This step adds a mellow hint of caramel and a touch of smoke before we place the whiskey into our custom charred oak barrels.  The whole process from cooking the mash to putting it in the barrel takes 8 days and yields only a few barrels, but the results are extraordinary and an honest rare hand crafted whiskey found nowhere else.  After resting in our custom barrels, Grandgousier takes on hints of biscuit, smoked caramel apple, and hot buttered maple pancakes to dance with the traditional oak and vanilla aspects of bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Cynthia G, 07/15/2020

I have never tasted Tennessee whisky so good. The best way Í can desribe it would be ,it is what Tennessee would taste like if it were a flavor. Smooth yet rolling with clean rich warmth like a sunrise cascading across a lush green field in early Autumn. (Corny but not corny) I am going back to Nashville for two things , to visit family and your Grandgousier !