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Barrel Station Picks

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"Every spirit we create is hand-tended with meticulous attention to detail in small batches of 53 gallons. It allows us to bring out the desired flavors, cut out batch multiple times, and make changes as necessary to aspire to near-perfection. Guests can experience our creations from distillation to bottle to glass, as all our operations take place at our Baxter Avenue Facility. We hope locals from Kentucky and Indiana especially appreciate the names we chose for the release of our Louisville neighborhoods."

“You can put a personal touch to distilling from the ingredients you choose all the way down to the kind of water you use” – Harrison Hyden, Master Distiller








First established in Cincinnati Ohio in 1849 by its namesake, we are bringing Magnolia bourbon and whiskey out of prohibition and into the 21st century. Learn more about our historic brand, where we came from and where we are  today. Use coupon code, "PIKE5," for $5 off at checkout!