Elements - Small Batch Mongolian Oak Finished Bourbon


The foundation of this exquisite bourbon begins with a carefully selected mash bill, expertly combining corn, rye, and malted barley. The grains are meticulously distilled and then matured in American oak barrels, allowing the bourbon to develop its foundational flavors over an extended period. Once this initial aging process is complete, the whiskey is transferred to Mongolian Oak barrels for a secondary finish, imparting its unique character to the spirit.

Mongolian oak. sourced from the lush forests of Mongolia, brings irs own distinctive attributes to the bourbon. Renowned for its dense grain structure and high tannin content, Mongolian oak infuses the whiskey with a rich nuance to the flavor profile. The tannins, with their characteristic bitterness, contribute a balancing element that enhances the overall taste experience.

Red Line Whiskey Elements Mongolian Oak Finished Bourbon Reveals an enticing array of flavors and aromas. On the nose, hints of vanilla and caramel entice the senses, accompanied by delicate notes of spice. As the whiskey caresses the palate, the fusion of sweet and savory flavors takes center stage, with luscious caramel, velvety vanilla, and a gentle undercurrent of spice. The secondary finish from the Mongolian Oak introduces a subtle smokiness that adds layers of complexity to the tasting experience. The bourbon concludes with a long, satisfying finish, leaving a lasting impression of craftsmanship and quality.

Size: 750ml

Barrel # 1

Proof: 114 (57% ABV)

Distillation: Indiana

Finish: Quercus Mongolian Oak