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H. Clark Distillery
At H Clark Distillery, we create hand-crafted Tennessee Bourbons, Gins, and Black & Tan Whiskey one small batch at a time. With each spirit, we pay homage to the roots of the craft, honoring the traditions that tie our spirits to those who have come before us. We Trust in Tradition. It has never let us down.
Creating quality spirits is our passion. From start to finish, our spirits are created with a watchful eye, through all stages of the process. The nature of being a small batch distillery enables us to passionately hone in on the ingredients, as well as each and every step of the process. We are able to patiently hand inspect the grains and botanicals we use, ensuring only the finest enter the mash bill of our spirits. 
When you sip our fine spirits, you will immediately notice the difference in our micro-batch spirits. H Clark Distillery handcrafts our spirits using a small copper pot still over an open fire. Our still is designed to maximize the flavor of our spirits, not output. After being distilled and hand-bottled at our distillery, our creations come to you carrying the pride, passion, and patience we put forth to create them.
We craft our spirits in the old town Granary in the charming and picturesque town of Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, found in southern Williamson County. In August of 2014, H Clark Distillery became the first legal distillery in Williamson County in over 100 years, and we craft our spirits in the same building local farmers used to house grains before loading them on the railroad for sale generations ago. So it’s only fitting that a distillery is now located in the same old building, using grains to create high quality spirits to share with those in Williamson County and beyond. If you’re in the area, stop by and visit as we rebuilt a once-proud spirits tradition in Williamson County. We think you’ll like it.
H. Clark Distillery Tennessee Bourbon Small Batch
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