Down Home Bourbon

Down Home Bourbon
Home is Where the Heart is
Since our college days at the University of Kentucky, we've always had an appreciation for our Commonwealth's finest claim to fame. Over time that appreciation grew into a love for Bourbon. So much so that we began this journey before knowing what we wanted to name our brand. We arrived with a name that embodies our spirit and is sentimental to us. We're confident that sentiment will not be lost on you when you enjoy our labor of love.
The old saying "Home is Where the Heart is Rings True." Home is not a place, it's a state of mind. Home is a feeling. Home is a scent, a taste, a sound that evokes emotion and memory. From that distinct smell of firewood warming hearts on cold Kentucky nights, the taste of Granny's home cooking, to the sound of family and friends gathered around enjoying each other's company.
Many of our relatives reside in the Western part of the Bluegrass state. Places like Paducah, Grand Rivers and Calvert City. We lovingly refer to that area as "Down Home."  Our Bourbon is just that. It's the distinct smell of good spirits. It's the warm taste that comforts you.  It's the perfect addition to make any gathering feel...
Down Home....

Down Home Rye
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Down Home Straight Rye Batch #1