Red Line Single Barrel Orange Curacao Finished Bourbon Barrel #OC2


It all begins with sourced barrels from France that once held French orange curaçao. The orange curaçao that aged in these barrels was made from the peels of bitter citrus fruits grown in the Caribbean. The fruits are harvested before they ripen, while they're still green. This is when the maximum amount of orange essence can be extracted.

With the barrels in house we begin our selection process to find the perfect bourbon that will blend well with the flavor profile of the orange curaçao. After selecting our barrels we introduce our cask strength bourbon to the used orange curaçao barrels and allow it to finish until it tastes of perfection.

Tasting Notes:

Orange marmalade and white peppercorn notes with hints of tobacco, black pepper spice, leather, and dried fruit. Deep flavor profile with a strong finish


- Gold, 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards 

- Silver, 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 

Size: 750ML

Barrel# OC2

Proof: 115 (57.5% ALC/VOL)

Distillation: Indiana

Finish: Orange Curacao