Echo Spirits Distilling Co. Rum


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Rum is a broad spirit with a range of flavors and varieties. Often tied to a narrow range of beverages made with overly sweet mixes, rum is under-appreciated for its sipping potential and versatility in quality cocktails. Echo Spirits Rum is flavor-rich and bold, challenging the mind on what a rum can be.

Tasting Notes: 

Vanilla, Molasses, Earthy, Baked Pear, Tropical Fruit


- GOLD MEDAL, John Barleycorn Awards, 2020

" interesting nose of warm funk and traditional sugar notes with a heady, grassiness on the palate that continues through the finish in the most pleasant way."

- SILVER MEDAL, Berlin International Spirits Competition, 2021

- SILVER MEDAL, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2022

- OHIO RUM DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR, New York International Spirits Competition, 2022

- DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, New York International Spirits Competition, 2022

Size: 750ml

Proof: 84 (42% ALC/VOL)

Origin: Ohio

Distillery: Echo Spirits Distilling Co.