Roaring River Distillery

Nestled in the hills and stream of the Upper Cumberland Plateau is a little community called Union Hill. It is said that the water in the local streams flow at 100 proof. The area has a rich history and tradition of making 'Moonshine' as a matter of survival. Irish settlers settled in these hills back in the late 1700's as a way to distance the grip of the colonial government. One of the founding families in the area was the Hatcher family. With many years of producing top quality 'Moonshine' a young Arno Hatcher decided he wanted to carry on this tradition of turning water into 'shine'. In 1979 Arno started his craft which continues even today. Arno was busted one time back in 1991. Tho it was established in 1979 it wasn't until 2019 that it became legalized as the current venture which is Union Hill Distillery. Teaming up with Scott , Sheila and Chad Hunt it was a 5 year journey to finally become legal. Laws were changed, petitions signed, the Clay County Commision approved a referendum and it was finally voted on by the fine people of Clay County. The final struggles were the money and red tape it took to satisfy the Federal and TN State alcohol bureau to approve the permits. Now the legacy of 'Union Hill Moonshine' continues as a well crafted product made the ol' fashioned way to preserve the history of the craft. The distillery is a museum of sorts with alot of old remnants of hard work and dedication of a backwoods moonshiner. Hand cranked corn sheller, a hand built copper still and the same practices that have been perfected through the years. There is some of the modern incorporated also including flavored moonshine to satisfy the palate of those who prefer to alternative to the original product.